The team behind illegal music streaming app Aurous have thought better of asking for funding.

Aurous, the music streaming app based on a decentralised BitTorrent search engine, has abandoned its crowdfunding campaign after it attracted “unwanted attention”.

The campaign was shut down by Aurous’ Miami-based creator Andrew Sampson after just three days, though he also promised that “development will continue”. The campaign was looking for $25,000 to bring the services to iOS, Android and Windows phones, though it only raised $500 in its first day.

Aurous came to attention earlier this month and was dubbed “Popcorn Time for music” after the popular (and highly illegal) movie streaming service of the same name. Like Popcorn Time, Aurous gets its content by scanning BitTorrent archives, with the same decentralised approach that also makes it very difficult to shut down.

Sampson had originally promised that Aurous would be available in public beta on October 10, but hasn’t clarified whether the campaign’s closure will have any effect on the desktop versions. [via Music Ally]



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