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FACT mix 514: Natasha Kmeto

Natasha Kmeto shows a different side to her music on a FACT mix filled with her own productions. 

Portland’s Natasha Kmeto has been honing her brand of electronic soul for a few years now, breaking through with the smoky r’n’b of 2013’s Crisis. On her new album Inevitable, she takes her music into more dramatic territory; where Crisis was quietly spoken, Inevitable‘s tracks often build to breathless crescendos, her voice riding layer upon layer of electronics.

“A lot of Crisis was subtle and quiet, and I wanted to contrast that,” Kmeto recently explained to FACT’s Chris Kelly. “From an emotional perspective, it’s very much the bookend to the storyline of Crisis. What I was going through has a lot to do with me becoming more secure and more confident, and the writing and the sound parallel that.”

On Kmeto’s FACT mix, she takes vocal and instrumental stems from both Crisis and Inevitable, plus remixes from friends (there are also appearances from DJ Gigs, Kmeto’s DJ alias), piecing them together in a slow-burning live session that climaxes with the vocal from Crisis’s ‘I Thought You Had a Boyfriend’ and sinks back to earth with a forlorn mix of Inevitable’s ‘Peak’.

“My objective”, Kmeto tells us, “was to re-imagine all of this original content in a new way for a different perspective on these tracks. It’s been a while since I complied a mix like this and I had a lot of fun with it.”

Natasha Kmeto – Lie Number One/Idiot Proof/That One Thing
Natasha Kmeto – Rando/Round lost demos
Natasha Kmeto – Channel One
Letherette (feat. Natasha Kmeto) – Restless (Jimmy Edgar remix)
Natasha Kmeto – Inevitable (DJAO remix)
Natasha Kmeto – On A String (DJ Gigs remix)
Natasha Kmeto – Morning Sex/Brushstrokes/Stubborn
Natasha Kmeto – Your Girl (DJ Gigs remix)
Natasha Kmeto – Prideless/That One Thing/Inevitable
Natasha Kmeto (feat. Tunde Adebimpe and Kittie Harloe) – Closer Comes My Love/Grind/ On A String/Peak
Natasha Kmeto – Longing (demo)
Natasha Kmeto – Closer Comes My Love (Natasha Kmeto’s love on high remix)
Natasha Kmeto – Deeply (DJ Gigs remix)
Natasha Kmeto – Dirty Mind Melt/Belly/Home
Natasha Kmeto – Come and Say/ITYHAB/Peak
Natasha Kmeto – Peak (DJ Gigs remix)
Natasha Kmeto – Cynical Intergrity outro



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