The band’s new single ‘L.A. Plays Itself’ will be available during surge pricing periods.

Synth pop duo YACHT are back this fall with I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler, a new album tied to the Los Angeles. They announced it with a billboard on Santa Monica Ave and now the release of their latest single will be tied to the cities infamous traffic.

‘L.A. Plays Itself’ is a new song that will be available as a video only when the car service Uber hits a surge price of 1.1x the normal rate in LA. In other words, when the traffic (inevitably) starts up the song will be available. When the traffic gets bad enough to trigger a surge that’s 2.0x the normal rate they’ll release a remix by Darq E Freaker.

Head to their website to see if the video is playable, in the meantime you can watch a video of the band explaining the process.



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