Rotterdam doom techno hub announces a hefty compilation.

Bas Mooy’s Mord label will release a new compilation in December titled Herdersmat Part 1-7. The 7×12″ box set features 28 previously unreleased tracks from 28 different artists.

Dutch veteran Mooy launched Mord in mid-2013 after running the Audio Assault label for almost ten years alongside fellow Rotterdam lynchpin Radial. Since then, Mord has quickly become a go-to source for rugged, abrasive and uncompromising techno.

For Herdersmat Part 1-7, the label has called upon a slew of different artists that specialise in the pummelling sonics for which the imprint has become renowned. Returning to Mord are Sleeparchive, Radial, Lag, Paul Birken, Shards, Endlec and label head Mooy. Oscar Mulero, Ontal, Clouds, Eomac, Sunil Sharpe and Rebekah are among those making their first appearance on the label.

Herdersmat Part 1-7 will be released in December on vinyl and digital formats. Check the tracklist below. [via RA]


Part 1:
A2 Radial – Cru
B1 Ansome – Tony
B2 Kwartz – Roots

Part 2:
C1 Sleeparchive – Evicted
C2 UVB – Someone calling cut
D1 Bas Mooy – Owl in Daylight
D2 Damcase – Low fx to aux

Part 3:
E1 Ritzi Lee – Sonic Sense
E2 Eomac – Phisk
F1 Endlec – Hard Education
F2 Museum – Slope

Part 4:
G1 Oscar Mulero – Liner
H1 Lag – Varijacije
H2 Miro Lopasso – Beneath

Part 5:
I1 Clouds – Healthy Rapid
I2 Rebekah – Orbital
J1 DJ Boss – Trolley
J2 Myler – Love for Hire

Part 6:
K1 Sunil Sharpe – Magpie Science
K2 3.14 – Epivitor
L1 Paul Birken – Cracking Handfed
L2 Pinion – Sifting

Part 7:
M1 The Transhumans – Zero-Point Field
M2 ROD – Betrayed by love
N1 Ontal – Deflection
N2 W.I.R.E. – Crucible



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