It directly follows Hell, NYC, 3AM and began life as a series of poems.

James Ferraro has revealed details of his next album, set to be released on Break World Records in November.

Skid Row has been in the pipeline for a while, but as Thump reports, Ferraro has revealed that the album is a conceptual follow-up to Hell, NYC, 3AM that began as a series of poems.

“It came first as words, then grew into becoming the lyrics of Skid Row. I was writing about the state of the world around me, living on what feels like the brink of societal collapse while also seeing high excess everywhere,” Ferraro explains.

“All the sounds of the streets crept in—the blood and tears on the street, the echoing sirens in the early morning fog, soaked into the poetry—and it became evident that LA is a hyper-America. A place where violence (media and real life), excess and poverty, police exceptionalism & brutality, racism interact daily.”

It follows War, a three-track release inspired by his experience using ‘Bravemind’, an immersive virtual reality exposure therapy system designed for Iraq war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The album is released on November 13 and was recorded in his home of Los Angeles – listen to the title track below.



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