Arthur Ashin shares the second part of his trilogy. 

Autre Ne Veut’s Age Of Transparency is out next week via Downtown. The second entry into the trilogy that began with Ashin’s Anxiety is now available to stream ahead of its arrival on October 2.

Age Of Transparency explores “the difficulty of making personal connections in an impersonal time,” according to press materials. “The title comes from marketing jargon,” Ashin explains.“It’s a term for the place we’re in now, where truth and transparency are just ways to sell things and honesty is its own kind of performance.”

He continues: “Transparency is an impossibility… It’s more about trying to be transparent and falling on your face in the process,” a statement that recalls the idea of “failure pop” that illuminated his previous works.

Age Of Transparency adds elements of jazz and choral music to Ashin’s left-field take on R&B and pop. The album was mixed by Tony Maserati. Stream it in full below via NPR.



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