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FACT Focus 2: Dominick Fernow

FACT Focus is a brand new mix series.

Regular FACT readers may have noticed that occasionally, to accompany a large feature or list, the author has provided a mix summarizing the article in handy-to-absorb MP3 format. Well, we’ve decided to flesh this out into a series.

Episodes of FACT Focus will, um, focus on a specific artist, label, scene or sound. The mixes won’t be weekly, but they’ll always go the extra mile in terms of highlighting hidden classics and mapping-out specific eras or sounds.

This week’s edition comes from FACT’s very own John Twells, who dusts off his collection of 7″s, tapes, LPs and (cough) MP3s to unravel that deep catalog of Dominick Fernow, one of noise music’s most enduring figures. The mix mostly focuses on Fernow’s main project, Prurient, but also takes the time to shine a spotlight on his beat-oriented material as Vatican Shadow, black metal experiments as Ash Pool and more. This is not a selection for the faint hearted.

Stream below via Mixcloud or download via WeTransfer.

If you’re in London, look out for Prurient playing at the Hospital Productions label night on November 13, part of the Clock Strikes 13 series – more information on Facebook.


Prurient – ‘Untitled’ (from Cave Depression, 2007)
Prurient – ‘December Man’ (from Time Began in a Garden, 2008)
Prurient & Kevin Drumm – ‘On This Slab’ (from All Are Guest in the House of the Lord, 2007)
Christian Cosmos – ‘And Some Fell Among Thorns’ (from Enthronement by God as the First-Born of the Dead, 2011)
Prurient – ‘People Wear Masks’ (from Palm Tree Corpse, 2009)
Prurient – ‘Spanish Moss’ (from +White+, 2004)
Prurient – ’Earthworks / Buried in Secret’ (from Pleasure Ground, 2006)
Prurient – ‘Untitled’ (from RRR-1000 Lock Grooves, 2009)
Sutcliffe Jügend & Prurient – ‘End of Autumn’ (from End of Autumn, 2008)
Vatican Shadow – ‘Jordanian Descent (Guantanamo Military Commisions)’ (from Jordanian Descent, 2012)
Prurient – ‘The Kiss of Life’ (from Answer To God, 2007)
Prurient – ’Palm Tree Corpse’ (from Bermuda Drain, 2011)
Ash Pool – ‘Vices Triumph Over Wisdom’ (from World Turns on its Hinge, 2007)
Prurient – ’I Wonder If I’ll Be Able To Sleep?’ (from Shipwrecker’s Diary, 2004)
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – ‘Complex Rituals To Control Anthurium’ (from The Plant with Many Faces, 2013)
Prurient & Pedestrian Deposit – ‘Collar’ (from Red Head, 2004)
Prurient & John Wiese – ‘Cloven Spike’ (from ‘Cloven Spike’, 2006)
Prurient – ‘Hallucination’ (from The History of Aids, 2002)
Vatican Shadow – ‘Encryption Nets’ (from Ghosts of Chechnya, 2012)
Prurient – ’Strict Ideas’ (from And Still, Wanting, 2008)
Prurient – ’Inside All These Things Inside’ (from Persistence, 1998)
Prurient – ’Cocaine Daughter’ (from Frozen Niagara Falls, 2015)
Prurient – ‘Postscript (Coke Cunts)’ (from Cocaine Death, 2008)
Prurient – ‘Early Morning Rites’ (from The Warriors, 2005)
Prurient – ‘Untitled’ (from RRR-1000 Lock Grooves, 2009)



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