One third of Livity Sound draws for unreleased heat. 

Kowton’s first singles came under the name Narcossist back in 2008-9 (he also delivered a FACT mix back then), but it was after settling on Kowton as his full-time name that he stepped up his productivity, releasing a succession of singles on labels based in his then-hometown of Bristol (as well as an often-overlooked pair of trips to London’s Keysound) and forming the Livity Sound collective/label with Peverelist and Asusu. It was this period where he started to really find his own sound, combining dub-style delays, grimey strings and distortion on tracks like ‘TFB’ and ‘Des Bisous’.

Presumably due to the development and popularity of Livity Sound’s live show, Kowton’s solo output has slowed down over the last couple of years, though he released the twinkling ‘Glock & Roll’ on Whities last year, and this month dropped a new solo single ‘On Repeat’, which combines wide-eyed rave chords with the sort of colossal drums that feel like classic Kowton. His FACT mix, he tells us, “sums up where I’m at right now musically: music for dancefloors that stands up to repeat listening; rhythmic and repetitive tracks that are heavy but don’t shy away from detail. It’s mostly unreleased and I’ve tried as best possible to piece all these angular sounds together in a way that flows but also gives variation. I think it just about works.”

“Many thanks to everyone thats sent me this amazing music, I’m grateful to know such a talented and generous bunch of producers.”

1) Shanti Celeste – Being (Ambient Mix) (forthcoming Future Times)
2) Peverelist – Undulate (forthcoming Livity Sound)
3) Simo Cell – Cellar Door (Dnuos Ytivil)
4) Mosca – White Mice (forthcoming Not So Much)
5) Grandmo’s Kitchen – Ten Seven Eight (forthcoming Ultimate Hits)
6) Tessela – Swimming (forthcoming Poly Kicks)
7) Alex Coulton – Hand Combat (forthcoming Tempa)
8) Kowton – Bubbling Under (unreleased)
9) Hodge – Amor Fati (Peverelist Remix) (forthcoming Dnuos Ytivil)
10) Errorsmith & Mark Fell – Cuica Digitales (PAN)
11) A Made Up Sound – Half An Hour Jam On A Borrowed Synth (forthcoming AMUS)
12) Japan Blues – Stoned Bird (forthcoming Berceuse Heroique)
13) Peverelist – Grit (forthcoming Livity Sound)
14) Neuroshima – Fold (unreleased)
15) Kowton – On Repeat (forthcoming Livity Sound)




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