Viruses and malware await unsuspecting fans.

Intel Security has announced its ninth annual list of the most dangerous celebrities online, revealing that searches for Armin van Buuren, Usher and Luke Bryan (ironically, we had to Google that one) are the most likely to send users to dodgy websites.

Searches for the Dutch trance DJ are the riskiest, with users have an almost 18% chance of landing on a web page carrying viruses or malware. Country singer Bryan, Usher, Britney Spears and Jay Z complete the top five.

According to Intel, cybercriminals take advantage of pop culture fans by setting up pages to steal private data, using current events like award shows, album launches and celebrity breakups as the hook for websites.

The full top 10 to avoid goes like this:

1. Armin van Buuren (17.92%)
2. Luke Bryan (17.64)%
3. Usher (16.67%)
4. Britney Spears (16.39%)
5. Jay Z (15.83%)
6. Katy Perry (14.86%)
7. Amy Schumer (14.72%)
8. Betty White (14.03%)
9. Lorde (13.61%)
10. Nina Dobrev (13.19%)



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