Morgan Geist will track Megaprojects on his first Morgan Geist record since 2008’s Double Night Time.

One half of Metro Area and one of the most respected house and disco producers around, in recent years Geist has focused on his chart-topping vocal house project Storm Queen, as well as The Galleria.

Megaprojects 1 will be released through Geist’s Environ label on October 23. In his words, “Megaprojects are by definition large-scale, high-tech and cost billions of dollars, whereas this is a collection of low-tech tracks made with cheap little drum machines and rejected old synths, so I thought it was a good name.”

“I composed and mixed to the best of my ability and with hope they’ll feel more ‘mega’ than they actually are. And of course I’ve always felt inspired and fascinated by actual megaprojects: imposing, surreal engineering and architecture like giant hydroelectric dams, soaring bridges and strange-looking, exposed-concrete government buildings.” [via Resident Advisor]



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