Our latest Head to Head finds one of dubstep’s old guard trading stories with one of London’s most exciting grime emcees.

You can’t argue with Plastician’s pedigree: Formerly known as Plasticman (before realizing that Richie Hawtin had beaten him to it), Chris Reed connected the dots between grime and dubstep before anyone had even settled on a name. He appeared on Rephlex’s influential Grime compilation and hasn’t really stopped since then – if you’re not familiar with his Terrorhythm label then you should remedy that immediately.

Jammz, on the other hand, is a fresher face. One of London’s new wave of grime emcees, he has made a name for himself recently spitting over beats that would make most cower in fear. His Hit Then Run EP, which dropped earlier this year, shows that he’s not just a great emcee, but also a competent producer, too.

The two heads met at this year’s Ceremony Festival and FACT TV was there to capture a conversation that ranged from the benefits and drawbacks of London living to a particularly graphic anecdote about dancefloor sex at a Rephlex party.



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