The new sound of Lisbon.

Around a decade ago, Marlon Silva was the driving force in forming the DJs Do Guetto, a crew of Lisbon producers that includes DJ Pausas, DJ Fofuxo, DJ Jesse and more, who made their name playing local parties and uploading tracks onto filesharing site eMule. DJs Do Guetto has more-or-less disbanded, but Marfox’s eye for talent has only strengthened with time. He’s become a key part of the Principe Discos label, both as an artist and an unofficial A&R-of-sorts, bringing younger producers like DJ Nigga Fox into the fold to help develop the label’s blend of tumbling drums and trancey riffs (in a neat things-going-full-circle moment, Principe reissued DJs Do Guetto’s eMule archives in 2013.)

Principe’s status has soared in the last two years: Marfox has released outside the label, on Lit City and Enchufada, Nigga Fox has performed at Sonar, while DJ Firmeza and the label’s teenage prodigy Nidia Minaj will perform at this year’s Unsound festival. This Friday, October 9, new London party series Clock Strikes 13 will host a full Principe label showcase at Dance Tunnel, featuring Marfox, Nidia Minaj and Firmeza – for more on that, and to get tickets, head here.

For more on Marfox and Principe, revisit Robert Barry’s feature for FACT.

Banzelo “Remix” – Blacksea Não Maya
Dedicado ao Projecto Príncipe – DJ Firmeza
Mafia Urban – DJ N.K
Avacalho – DJ Satélite
Caipirinha – DJ N.K
Turbilhão – DJ 2PeKes
Fiquei Diesel – DJ N.K
O Kuduro do Futuro – DJ 2PeKes
Neusa – Normal Nada
Maria Costa – DJ Nigga Fox
2685 – DJ Marfox
Estudio B – DJ Firmeza
Martu 2 – DJ Nervoso
Magia Negra – DJ N.K
I Love Kuduro – Fresh Beat
Unsound – DJ Marfox
Energia – Dj Ly-COox
Para os Meus Putos – DJ Nervoso
Come To Your Senses – Panda Bear (DJ Marfox Remix)
Kassumbula – DJ Marfox
Pra Fechar – Nidia Minaj



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