All kinds of wrong.

George Osborne, second-in-command to the man who had relations with a pig, has revealed he’s a fan of N.W.A.

The Chancellor told the Mail on Sunday that he saw the seminal gangsta rap crew at Brixton Academy in the early 1990s, listing it as one of his five best gigs along with the Rolling Stones, Monty Python Live, Billy Joel and a production of the opera Tristan & Isolde.

It’s not clear if he has maintained a passion for rap or kept up with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube’s later material, but these days he says he enjoys Sufjan Stevens and Bach, so probably not.

In other political news, hear The Iain Duncan Smiths’ tribute to last week’s news, ‘Pig’s Mouth Strikes Again’ and watch Cassetteboy’s latest showdown with David Cameron. [via Independent]

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