The late-blooming novelist is getting stuck in.

Patti Smith is currently on a book tour for her second memoir, M Train, and at last weekend’s New Yorker festival the punk poet revealed the long list of literary projects she’s working on.

As well as another collection of poetry, Smith is writing a detective novel, a third memoir and a book for young adults, which she said would be “the kind of book I used to read as a young girl”.

The third memoir will be written as a “companion” to her hugely acclaimed first book Just Kids, which documented her early years in New York and relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. The next volume will move on to her music and her relationship with her late husband, The MC5’s Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith.

“I’m always just working. I have tons and tons and tons of unpublished material,” she said. “I’m gonna be like Dorothy Parker when I die, people are going to go, ‘Holy shit, it’s totally indecipherable.’”

Smith is also working on adapting Just Kids for the small screen, and she recently composed an elegy for the finale of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Oh, and she’s on tour with her band to mark the 40th anniversary of her seminal album, Horses. [via Dazed]



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