Only a few months following the new album Depression Cherry.

As last week’s Quarter Report shows, we’re still glowing from Beach House’s excellent fifth album, Depression Cherry. This is going to sound hard to believe, but their next album is already done and it’s coming out next week.

“We are very excited, it’s an album being released the way we want,” the band wrote on Twitter, confirming the announcement.

That’s right, Beach House’s sixth LP is already done and it’s called Thank Your Lucky Stars. The band stressed that the release is not a B-sides or outtakes collection, nor is it meant to be a companion album to Depression Cherry. It’s simply a new Beach House album and it’ll be available October 16. No artwork or music is available yet, but you can find the track list below and revisit our interview with the band here.

Thank Your Lucky Stars tracklist:
01. ‘Marjorette’
02. ‘She’s So Lovely’
03. ‘All Your Yeahs’
04. ‘One Thing’
05. ‘Common Girl’
06. ‘The Traveller’
07. ‘Elegy To The Void’
08. ‘Rough Song’
09. ‘Somewhere Tonight’



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