The dress Seth Troxler wore at Fabric’s 14th birthday is up for auction

By , Oct 7 2015

The red dress worn by Seth Troxler at Fabric’s 14th birthday bash could be yours.

The Fabric team found the item while going through a bundle of fancy dress costumes left over from previous years.

“The long, flowing red dress with gold piping detailing has long been a talking point here in the office – especially as it was laid out on an empty desk with a mask of Seth’s face on on it for some time,” they explain.

“We’ve joked about it in the past but we’ve decided that we’d like to auction the dress off and give the proceeds to charity.”

Bidding starts at 99p and all the proceeds will go to homeless charity Shelter. Sadly, the glamorous one-shoulder number has been cleaned to adhere to eBay’s rules.

This Troxlerism has reminded us of the time he shut down a guestlist blagger at Trouw’s closing party.

$_57 (1)




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