New York producer Bryce Hackford has applied his bleary and hypnotic signature sound to a new track by Olde English Spelling Bee artist Alice Cohen.

His “Loose Chaperone” transforms ‘Carnival Ride’ into a grainy vista where snatches of the real world seem to float in and out of hearing.

Hackford explains: “I just wanted to ride the biggest groove from the record, that seemed like it could make a bigger space, as Alice initially imagined each track as a different room of this department store–this one felt like it could be expanded & twisted & we could begin to talk about trust.

Hackford also acted as recording engineer for several songs on Cohen’s new album Into The Grey Salons, and the two of them have played together with DFA’s Delia Gonzalez.

Stream the remix below and read our interview with him about his analogue craft and hatred of MIDI. Earlier this year he released a mini-album, Amnesia.



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