NYC analogue hypnotizer Bryce Hackford has announced his new album.

Behind is based on field recordings Hackford made while completing a residency with the Brittany Bailey Dance Company at Watermill Center in New York. “The avant-garde impulse in experimental music has been about a push to be at the front of technology race and popular narrative,” says Hackford. “I am interested in a different position, one that privileges slowness, transitions, and strong relationships.”

Behind is his first full-length’s since 2013’s beguiling, Arthur Russell-tinged Fair, but he dropped a mini-album last year and recently remixed Delia Gonzalez’s last album and OESB artist Alice Cohen.

It’s out on Meakusma on November 9, and you can check out clips below. Find out more about Hackford’s music for heavy-lidded dancing in his FACT interview. [via RA]


A1 100 Grand
A2 Sand
A3 Demeaning
A4 Round Trip
B1 Atlantis
C1 Negative
C2 Transitions
D1 Left
D2 After (Flood)



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