A move “30 years in the making.”

Since their acrimonious break up in 1988, Hüsker Dü have essentially refused to get into the reissue-reunion game played by many of their contemporaries. Nearly three decades later, that might be changing, thanks to the launch of the band’s first merchandise site.

It might not be much, but it is significant: it’s the first bit of band business the three members have agreed on since their post-breakup live album The Living End was released in 1994. The band has enlisted Meat Puppets manager Dennis Pelowski to help the band “get a foothold back in the business,” and they’ve already sorted out long-standing licensing issues with SST Records.

Could a reissue campaign or a reunion be in the works? “There are more moving parts than we’d like to deal with, but we’ll see what happens,” bassist Greg Norton tells The Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “The main thing is, there’s ongoing communication between the three of us now.” [via Stereogum]



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