The total number, including trial users, stands at 15 million.

Apple Music has achieved 6.5 million paid subscribers three weeks after the first users reached the end of their three-month trial period, chief executive Tim Cook has said.

As CNET reports, Cook confirmed the figure at the WSJD Live conference in California, where he said the a further 8.5 million users are still taking part in their three-month trial period, making a total of 15 million users.

“I think it’s fabulous, and to have over 15 million on there, and 6.5 million in the paid category, I’m really happy about it,” Cook said.

The figure is a third of the number of Spotify’s paid user base, which the company said stood at 20 million in June. It’s an impressive amount considering Spotify’s had a seven-year head start, but it’s possible that a proportion of Apple Music’s paid users just forgot to cancel their free trial, which had to be opted out of manually.

People were quick to sign up for the free trial when Apple Music launched on June 30, but the service has had a troubled start. While 11 million users signed up for the trial, a survey in August claimed that almost half had stopped using it. In September, Apple said it had “a bit of homework” to do with the service, which though strong on curated playlists still lacks Android support.

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