Population One, Fred P and Philipp Gorbachev all feature on the label’s fourth and fifth releases.

Nina Kraviz’s fledgling трип (or ‘trip’ for those not versed in Cyrillic) label will continue a busy first year with two eight-track vinyl doublepacks set for release in November and December.

Ivan, Come On! Unlock The Box! will primarily feature music from Kraviz’s native Russia, with Philipp Gorbachev, Nikita Zabelin, Vladimir Dubyshkin and Roma Zuckerman featured alongside one of the label owner’s modular-produced “road tracks”, ‘I Believe I Can Fly (KLM Delayed Flight Version)’. Tracks from Detroit’s K-HAND and Barcode Population round out the release.

I Have A Question concentrates on “subtler and slower tempo variants on Trip’s sonic signature”, with tracks from Kraviz, Terrence Dixon’s Population One alias and трип regular Bjarki featured alongside Kraviz’s edit of Fred P’s ‘Higher Mentalism’, featured on her DJ-Kicks mix from early 2015.

Kraviz only launched трип in January, but has already released two doublepacks and a 12″ from Icelandic producer Bjarki. TRP004 is due on November 13 while TRP005 arrives in December – you can hear clips of TRP004 below.


TRP004: Ivan, Come On! Unlock The Box!

A1 Philipp Gorbachev – Ivan, Come On, Unlock The Box / Иван, Давай, Открой Коробку (Kraviz Edit)
A2 K-HAND – The Box
B1 Nikita Zabelin – Bells
B2 Vladimir Dubyshkin – Lose Yourself
C1 Barcode Population – Marduk (vinyl only)
C2 Roma Zuckerman – Geburt Part 2
D1 Barcode Population – Internum (vinyl only)
D2 Nina Kraviz – I Believe I Can Fly (KLM Delayed Flight Version)


TRP005: I Have A Question

A1 Roma Zuckerman – I Have A Question
A2 Population One – Escape
B1 Nina Kraviz – Let’s Do It
B2 Bjarki – PC Muscles
C1 DJ Sodeyama – Miles Pt.2
C2 Fred P – Higher Mentalism (Edit)
D1 K-HAND – Sound 6
D2 Vladimir Dubyshkin – Hair Like String Like a Harp



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