ENDMK bridges the gap between London and Latin America.

Kali Mutsa is the “divine musical reincarnation” of Chilean actress and visual artist, Celine Reymond. On her debut album, last year’s Souvenance LP, she draws from electronic pop music across the globe, be it Baltic, Indian or Latin American.

London-based Latin American label ENDMK have enlisted some of the brightest lights in underground club music to reimagine Mutsa’s album on the six-track Souvenance Remixes EP. London is repped by Nights Slugs affiliate Neana, Her Records co-founder Sudanim and ENDMK boss Tatsu Jones, with Chilean producer-to-watch Imaabs, Argentina’s El Remolón and French tropical bass specialist King Doudou rounding out the EP.

“I believe that sounds are like people’s stories,” Musta says. “[The songs] are a combination of everything I like – the stories that one feels they have inherited. In my case, I am a potpourri of nationalities, eras, films, belly dancing, and,” adding with a laugh, “self-help books.”

Stream the Souvenance Remixes EP below. It’s due out on November 1 via ENDMK and is available to pre-order.



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