The Northern producer debuts on A Rational Tangle with four “150BPM hyperprisms”.

Rian Treanor fits into a rich heritage of producers from the north of the UK pushing club rhythms into strange places. While his music shares the rave-fuelled DNA of Autechre, it fits into a similarly pointillistic category as SND or the solo work of Mark Fell, filtering UK club styles through the lens of high-resolution computer music.

It makes The Death of Rave an ideal label on which to release his debut record: as well as having a reputation for taking a chance on forward-thinking producers like Powell and NMO early on in their careers, a recent EP from Gábor Lázár demonstrated the label’s appreciation for mathematical precision as well as the darker sounds of its catalogue from artists like Delroy Edwards and Kareem.

Released at the end of October, A Rational Tangle features four tracks, all functionally titled A1 to B2. While the label acknowledges Treanor’s “stainlessly dry” and “considerately efficient” arrangements, it also highlights his pop and floor-ready “turn of phrase”, comparing his music to footwork originator RP Boo. As opening track ‘A1’ demonstrates, it’s not a ridiculous parallel to draw; it’s got the same frenetic stop-start feel as well as the kind of melody that’ll have you grinning in the same way as RP Boo’s music.

A Rational Tangle is released on 12″ format on October 30 – until then you can stream ‘A1’ below.



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