Temple reworks the UK rave act’s recent track ‘Roadblox’.

Here’s a combination we didn’t see coming: Paula Temple and The Prodigy on R&S Records.

Temple’s slamming brand of techno has become a regular fixture on R&S over the past few years, and her latest release sees her remix the UK rave legends’ ‘Roadblox’, a track taken from their recent The Day Is My Enemy album.

According to the label, The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett and R&S founder Renaat Vanderpapiere’s have a long-standing friendship, which led to the one-off remix on the label.

“I’ve always had massive respect for R&S records and Renaat since the start so its fuckin’ great to see a Prodigy tune, in the shape of Paula Temple’s heavy ‘Roadblox’ remix, come out through the label,” Howlett says in a press release.

The surprise release is out now, featuring vocal and instrumental versions – can check out the former below via Mixmag.




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