Hodge and Jerome Hill both deliver remixes of ‘Parakeet Feet’, from Dusky’s Ordinary World EP.

Half of Outboxx, Hodge has fired out a succession of swung, heavyweight techno 12″s in recent years, landing on Livity Sound, Berceuse Heroique, Punch Drunk and more. Jerome Hill, meanwhile, is one of the most underrated DJs around (in our opinion), and basically lives, breathes and sleeps rave.

We’re streaming both remixes below: Hodge describes his as a more techno take on the original, while Hill says ““The Dusky guys asked for me an acid remix. I just took the original vocal and built the whole track around it. Went for a rough round the edges growler with a slightly menacing acid line. Keeping it creepy!”.

Pre-order both remixes here.



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