Late Moog Music founder demonstrates the theremin in newly unearthed footage.

YouTube user Chris Stack has unearthed footage of Bob Moog performing a theremin demonstration circa 1991.

“Many years before going to work for Moog Music as marketing manager I was a printed circuit board designer,” Stack explains in the video’s description. “I met Bob Moog in Asheville and wound up doing the PCB design work on his Multi-Touch Keyboard project. Around this time, Bob hosted a presentation called “New Vistas 91”, a look at some then current happenings in avant garde electronic music.”

“Bob was gracious enough to let me record the presentation on my then new Video 8 camera. The tape was lost for decades, but recently found and digitized. Unfortunately the audio and video quality is not great, but I feel this is very interesting from a historical perspective, and I offer it as such.”

Watch the footage below. [via Synthtopia]



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