The Livid Instruments Builder Box gets you started in the world of building your own controllers.

Texan controller specialist Livid Instruments has introduced Builder Box, a line of MIDI controller kits that you can assemble in your own home.

There are currently two kits in the range: Fader Box and Button Box. The former is dedicated to faders for controlling volume, effects or anything else that you apply a numerical value to, while the Button Box is dedicated to triggering samples, loops or lighting. Each controller connects via USB and is controlled by Livid’s Brain Jr, a micro controller that uses its own editor software for customising MIDI settings called Brain Configure.


The Builder Box series isn’t Livid’s first foray into DIY controller building – the company has offered an array of parts for years, but this is the first time it’s offered something that beginners should be able to get involved in without too much difficulty. The kits will require some basic soldering, but Livid includes step-by-step instructions for assembling each model.

The Builder Box kits are a logical extension of Livid’s philosophy, which is to create MIDI controllers with a wide variety of controls that are open for use with any software. If anything, the Builder Box looks even more open than the company’s off-the-shelf models – the modular design makes each kit ideal for fitting together in different configurations, and could easily be combined with the company’s extended selection of faceplates, knobs and joysticks and parts once you have the basic knowledge to build one.

The Builder Box kits are available now from the Livid Instruments store. The kits are usually $129, but are currently available at an introductory price of $99.


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