Ten free downloads from the Fractal Fantasy co-founder.

Zora Jones has shared ten club-ready bootlegs of tracks by the likes of Nicki Minaj, Lil B, E-40 and more. Jones makes Nicki’s ‘Only’ even more ominous, and takes Thast’s underground sleeper ‘Gucci Bag’ for a spin. Plus, frequent collaborator Sinjin Hawke lends a hand on bootlegs of Jamie Foxx’s ‘You Changed’ and Beat King’s ‘Cuffin’.

As always with Fractal Fantasy, there is a visual component, by Nicolas Sassoon and Jones. Check it out on the platform’s website, where you can download all ten bootlegs.

01. You Changed Me (Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke Bootleg) – Jamie Foxx
02. Choices (YUP) (Zora Jones Bootleg) – E40
03. PLB (Zora Jones Edit) – Sasha Go Hard feat. Chella H
04. Hypnotize (Zora Jones Bootleg) – Money Mendoza
05. Gucci Bag (Zora Jones Bootleg) – Thast
06. Only (Zora Jones Bootleg) – Nicki Minaj
07. Birdwalk (Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke Bootleg) – Soulja Boy
08. Bad Ass (Zora Jones Edit) – Sasha Go Hard
09. Cuffin (Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke Bootleg) – Beat King
10. Based Till Death (Zora Jones Edit) – Lil B



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