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Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week, we go back to the 00s in A-Trak’s Bloghaus Revival mix, back to basics with Mr. Beatnick’s Juno Plus session, and back to god knows where with Yamaneko’s Rinse FM session and Finders Keepers’ Halloween special. Read on!

Bloghaus Revival Mix

The bloghouse era tends to be swept under the carpet, especially by the genre’s big name exponents who have gone on to forge successful careers. Not A-Trak: on his latest mix he’s celebrating the raucous club hits of 2007-09, mixing up a collection of some of the era’s stone-cold classics. If you remember ‘Waters Of Nazareth’, ‘Signatune’, ‘Mars’ and Fred Falke’s remix of ‘Golden Cage’ you’ll find the memories flooding back. If you were too young to go to Ed Banger parties at the time, then look at it as a history lesson.

Rush Hour Store Mix 005

Rush Hour’s store mix series offers DJs a chance to dig through the racks of Amsterdam’s hallowed store and make a mix out of their findings. The fifth is from Verona-based Volcov, a DJ and collector with two decades of experience, who has elected to limit himself only to the store’s jazz bins and “deep spiritual music”. Expect a soothing mix of everything from Gigi Masin and Kamasi Washington through to Karin Krog and John Lucien. The best thing about this mix for tracklist fiends? If you like what you hear, you can buy it from Rush Hour.

Rinse FM – October 26

The producer behind some of 2014-15’s best mixes – Pixel Healing Spa, Nautlius Dawn et al – pops up for a welcome Rinse FM session. The first half hour leans heavy on the emotional chimes and OST worship, but it’s when Yamaneko takes things into clubbier zones that it really gets going, rolling out new music from E.M.M.A., Mr. Mitch, Slackk and a series of cuts from Yamaneko and his slippery Daybreak affiliates. There’s even room for Surkin, believe it or not!

Mr. Beatnick
Juno Plus Podcast 124

Londoner Mr. Beatnick is one of those great DJs who (although he clearly views it as an art form) sees DJing in very simple, unflashy terms: a chance to show off your record collection in a fun way. As is well documented, he’s got a better record collection than most, and his Juno Plus podcast pairs recent Randomer, Seven Davis Jr and Mickey Pearce 12″s with older cuts from the likes of Gerald Mitchell and Virgo Four.

Tama Sumo & Tornado Wallace
BIS Radio #825

Excuse us while we state the obvious: Tama Sumo and Tornado Wallace are very, very good DJs. Their appearance on New York’s most important underground dance show is, as you’d expect, a treat – and Tim Sweeny is clearly as chuffed as anyone about Tama’s appearance on the show.

Finders Keepers Radio Show
Halloween Special


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