The London DJ brings a bag of forthcoming material.

Amy Becker has become a regular fixture on London radio over the last couple of years, first with a series of shows on BBC 1xtra and more recently with a regular show on Radar Radio. Generally speaking she works in that middle ground between grime and rap and ~130bpm club music, though she’s also partial to dropping dancehall and slow jams into the mix (who isn’t, right?). She’s also really good at Twitter.

Earlier this year, she released a compilation, Amy Becker TRX, which featured exclusives from the likes of Benton, D Double E and Nightwave, and she’s pulled in similar favours for her FACT mix: everything bar a few tracks is currently unreleased (it was 100% when she submitted it), including cuts from Dread D, Murlo, Gage, Novelist, Logos, Kahn & Neek and Inkke.

Don’t miss Amy Becker’s upcoming Acrylic event in collaboration with Appelsap.

1. Healthpack – Gage
2. Hunter – Murlo
3. Ignorant and What – Novelist
4. Last one in the in the – Ipman
5. Mazz – She’s Drunk
6. Amor Fati (Peverelist remix) – Hodge
7. Mad Jawnz – Gang Fatale
8. Smoke Bomb – Walter Ego
9. 9th Ritual – Miss Modular
10. OS8V1 Dub – Scratcha DVA
11. Sand Serpant – Inkke
12. Overgrown – Caski
13. Gold Teeth (Benton Remix) – Redlight
14. Queens To Brixton – Cadenza & Jakwob
15. Over The Edge VIP – Diemantle
16. Emeralds – Erosion Flow
17. BBHMM – Divoli S’vere
18. A-N-E – Rushmore
19. Ooh La La – Jus Now x Dismantle
20. Afro Left (Melè Remix) – Leftfield
21. De Siegalizer (Logos Remix) – Apple
22. Breathe (Tarquin edit) – Notion
23. Day and Night (Day Mix) – t q d
24. Higher – DJ Haus
25. Raw – DJ Sliink & Sinjin Hawke
26. Ride With U – Deadboy & Murlo
27. Island Riddim – Inkke
28. Topper Top – Sir Spyro
29. Against the Clock – NGHT DRPS
30. SAW (MikeQ Remix) – P.O.L Style
31. Cuffin (Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke Bootleg) – Beatking
32. Rapture – Ziro
33. Play Your Corner (Walton Remix) – Wen feat. Riko Dan
34. Siege – Dread D
35. Dick Tracy x Tweet (Doctor Jeep Edit) – Kahn & Neek
36. Gully Valentino – Incipe



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