JT the Goon was a grime legend in hiding.

An early member of Slew Dem Crew (Chronik, Waifer, Rage etc), he co-produced ‘Gunman Riddim’, not only a classic grime instrumental but a track that popularised the Korg Triton’s amsfeedbacklead preset – the sound has since become a grime staple, almost as recognisable as eski clicks and ‘Pulse X’ bass hits.

JT then disappeared for a while, but remerged around 2011-2012 with a series of free EPs. His tracks started to bubble up in Boxed circles, and he released the excellent Twin Warriors EP through Boxed resident Oil Gang. It’s through Oil Gang that he’ll release King Triton, an 12-track album of high-def grime that, naturally, draws heavily from the Triton presets at grime’s heart but also nods to the atmosphere of Western soundtracks, martial arts movies and more. It also features Rabit’s remix of ‘Twin Warriors’.

Oil Gang will release King Triton on December 11. Stream ‘Still Steppin’ below.

1: King Triton
2: One Legged Warrior
3: No Man’s Land
4: Winter Sun
5: Broken Silence
6: Ice Pick
7: Day One (feat. Dullah Beatz)
8: Still Stepping
9: King Arthur
10: Flight Mode
11: 50 Days of May
12: Twin Warriors (Rabit Remix)



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