The high-end audio company spared no expense with their latest product.

Sennheiser have revived their Orpheus line for the first time since the 1991 HE90 — high-end headphones that came in a limited release of 300 and ran customers $15,000. Now, after a decade of development, Sennheiser have announced the new Orpheus headphones which will retail for €50,000 (or just under $55,000) and claim to offer the best possible audio quality.

The new headphones boast over 6000 components including gold-vaporized ceramic electrodes, platinum-vaporized diaphragms, and a Carrara marble amplifier housing with eight quartz-encased vacuum tubes as the Verge point out.

They also incorporate digital amplification in the headphones themselves in order to bypass any potential cord interference. It’s all very over-the-top, but must sound amazing so if you’ve got $50,000 lying around look for Orpheus in 2016 when Sennheiser begins producing “no more than 250” each year onward.



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