The second release from fledgling Manchester label Natural Sciences is a Janus-faced delight.

The EP is the work of a Japanese producer going by two names, each with a distinct personality. On one side, two hazy, dub-tinged house cuts by Aquarium are inspired by “water, fresh air, the sun and cats”, while the muscular, floor-ready Deepspace tracks are inspired by Tokyo at night and the contrast between its dazzling light and its darkness and loneliness.

“Maybe I could say Aquarium reflects the girl side of my personality, whilst (Sotokanda) Deepspace is more the boy. Aquarium is more organic, such as the sun melting into water. (Sotokanda) Deepspace is more machinery and metal,” the mystery producer explains.

“Within Tokyo there are temples and shrines from a long time ago that exist beneath large skyscrapers, but also next to sex shops and dirty tobacco shops run by old grandmas, and they have all managed to build a good relationship with each other. I think this orderly chaos reflects techno,” he adds.

The EP is out on November 27 and available to pre-order from Bandcamp – stream it in full below.



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