The Fractal Fantasy co-founder makes her long-awaited debut.

Zora Jones will release 100 Ladies on November 16 via the creative platform. The EP takes its name from its inception: a process that saw Jones complete 100 songs (labelled ‘Lady 1’ through ‘Lady 100’) over a two-year period.

Sinjin Hawke, who executive produced the project, describes the EP as “a perfect balance between polyrhythm and dissonance – somehow reminiscent of flight footwork but completely internalised, with melodies so alien yet deeply rich and beautiful unlike anything I’ve heard before.”

The EP is available to pre-order via iTunes. The artwork (by Fractal Fantasy collaborator Cyberlight) and tracklist are below. Earlier this month, Jones shared a pack of rap and R&B bootlegs.

Zora Jones readies debut EP for Fractal Fantasy, <em>100 Ladies</em>

01. Oh Boy
02. Too Many Tears
03. Zui
04. Scarlet [Interlude]
05. Psilocybin
06. Glade
07. First Light



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