Kilpatrick Audio has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Carbon, a hardware sequencer with performance features.

According to the company, Carbon has been five years in development and features enough ports to connect MIDI and CV-enabled gear, from modular synths to modern drum machines.

With six tracks, Carbon makes it possible to connect up to six instruments, with the patterns shown on the device’s colour screen. Unlike Arturia’s Beatstep Pro, Carbon is capable of storing polyphonic sequences for making chords.

While you can play your own sequences live using separate keyboard, Carbon also features a random pattern generator and allows patterns to be transposed.

Kilpatrick Audio already have a lot of experience with unusual hardware – Carbon is based on the company’s K4815 Pattern Generator module from 2010. Most recently the company successfully funded a patchable analog synthesizer called Phenol.

If you want to get you hands on Carbon you can visit the crowdfunding campaign at the Kilpatrick Audio website, which is open until December 4. Prices start at $589 and go up to $699 – orders should start shipping in April 2016.



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