Flow like the water.

The next release on Erased Tapes comes from Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk, an album inspired by water and titled Rivers And Streams.

Melnyk, who went from near starvation to worldwide acclaim and has released on the label in the past, is known as one of the world’s fastest pianists thanks to a style he developed called “continuous music”, where he fuses kung fu techniques with piano playing to create “waves of flowing music” that can reach up to 14 notes per second. The new album focuses on the liquid qualities of this approach.

Speaking on his technique, Melnyk explains: “In the body of the Continuous Piano Master, the fingers and the hands turn into Water, Air and Stone. These are the three manifestations of the Continuous Technique. And for the Continuous Pianist, the fingers physically transform the music into one of these three elements.”

The album is out November 27, and can be pre-ordered now. You can hear an excerpt from album track ‘Parasol’ below and watch a documentary on Melnyk’s technique.



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