Go behind the scenes of Jeezy’s TM101 anniversary celebration.

Somehow, a decade has passed since Jeezy released his highly influential Thug Motivation 101, featuring such classics as ‘My Hood’ and ‘Soul Survivor’. To celebrate a decade since the release of his landmark album, Jeezy threw a special concert at the Fox Theatre in his hometown of Atlanta.

“I chose to do it at the Fox [Theatre],” Jeezy reveals during the 11-minute doc. His team originally wanted him to hold the event at the much larger Philips Arena, but the Snowman insisted on keeping the show as intimate as possible. “It’s not even about me and my ten years,” says Jeezy. “It’s about the city I love and represent.”

In the documentary, Jeezy rehearses with a live band and holds a radio interview prior to the show. The doc also includes footage of Jeezy performing ‘Standing Ovation’, ‘Bang’ featuring T.I., ‘I Do’ featuring Andre 3000 and ‘Put On’ featuring Kanye West. Jay Z, however, was nowhere to be seen.

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