The William Gibson-inspired project debuts on The Death Of Rave.

After debuting earlier this year at CTM festival, Logos, Mumdance and Shapednoise will release the first in a series of EPs as The Sprawl.

E.P.1 promises “Anterior XOstep/tech-noise/weightless mutations and DJ tools,” drawing conceptual inspiration from William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy and musical ones from a variety of UK dancefloor traditions.

The EP is due out on Friday (November 13) via The Death of Rave; the cover art and tracklist are below. For more from The Sprawl, revisit their first live set and read our interview with Logos and Mumdance about the project.


A1. Drowning In Binary
A2. From Wetware to Software
B1. Haptic Feedback
B2. Personality Upload



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