“If you’ve used it on iOS, you’ve used it for Android.”

The Apple Music app is finally available on the Android platform, four months since it was launched for iOS, OSX and Windows devices.

According to Billboard, the app includes all the features the iOS app does except two: the ability to buy a family membership from the app and view Apple Connect music videos. “If you’ve used it on iOS, you’ve used it for Android,” Apple’s Eddy Cue told the publication.

Android users will be able to make use of Apple Music’s three-month trial period, and is available in all the same countries except China – though Cue says it will be available there soon.

When asked by Billboard as to why Apple was bringing the service to the Android platform, Cue said: “We wanted it to be for everyone. We wanted people to be able to enjoy music on their iPhone, or Android phone, or Windows computer, or Apple TV. Everyone loves music.” Being able to leverage the 1 billion Android users worldwide probably didn’t hurt either.

Since launching in June, Apple Music has acquired 6.5 million paying users, though it still has some way to go to match Spotify’s 20 million. One survey in August suggested that half of the people that signed up for Apple Music’s free trial stopped using it.

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