Two of techno’s undisputed titans team up.

Levon Vincent has just slipped out a fresh 12″ on his Novel Sound label, including one track in collaboration with Marcel Dettmann.

A-side track ‘Fear’ will be recognisable to those familiar with Vincent’s stellar Fabric 63 mix from 2012, while B-side track ‘Vengeance’ sees him collaborate with the Berghain resident on a squelchy bit of 4/4. According to Vincent’s Facebook, the track dates back to the sessions that birthed the duo’s first collaboration, ‘Outback’, which appeared on the Dettmann II album in 2013.

Records on Novel Sound are always irregular affairs, but this one is made even more special thanks to its day-glo pink vinyl pressing and T-Rex theme. You can check out clips and grab it from Rubadub or pre-order it from Phonica.

Earlier this year, Vincent released his killer debut album – read FACT’s verdict on the record here.



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