The Week’s Best Videos: The triumphant return of Missy Elliott

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Welcome to FACT’s weekly video round-up.

As we note at the end of every year, music videos have never been better. But too often, music videos — along with documentaries, live sets and interview clips — get lost in the shuffle of news and new music.

With that in mind, FACT is doing what it does for mixes, mixtapes, vinyl and more: rounding up the internet’s best videos on a weekly basis. And to remove our bias, we won’t be including our own content — you’ll have to stay tuned to FACT TV for all your Against The Clock, FACT Freestyles and Confessions needs.

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Missy Elliott feat. Pharrell
‘WTF (Where They From)’
Dir: Dave Meyers & Missy Elliott

Remember Missy Elliott? She’s back. In video form. Missy reunites with Dave Meyers, the director of her most groundbreaking videos, and the results are just as arresting as her classic run. A disco ball suit, a Roy Lichetenstein make-up job, cameos by Sharaya J and Les Twins, and the best use of marionettes since the ‘No Diggity’ video — what’s not to love? The song might be uneven, but Missy is a legend for a reason.

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‘Lone Peak’
Dir: James Malpass

The title of CYPHR’s dembow-driven ‘Lone Peak’ is instructive: for the song’s video, James Malpass cuts together footage of mountain climbing and volcanic exploration that seems both alien and terrifying, underscoring the dread of the track.

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Bing & Ruth
‘Broad Channel’
Dir: Alex Priestley

Bing & Ruth’s ‘Broad Channel’ soundtracks an elderly man’s trip through the countryside of South Wales in Alex Priestley’s video. The protagonist eventually makes contact with faceless forms on the beach that may or may not become gateways to different galaxies — here are some clues, though.

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‘Timezone/Whip (areyoudown?)’
Dir: Caves

Chicago rapper Saba revisits two cuts from last year’s excellent ComfortZone in a video inspired by Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor. Galactic fantasies give way to weightless skateboards, smoke-filled warehouses and country drives, with an alien abduction pulling everything together.

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Dir: Daniel Sannwald and Arca

Arca continues to show off the seedy, sexual world of Mutant, co-directing a video with his boyfriend that puts him under the lights of a handheld camcorder during a late night, waterlogged encounter.

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‘Stand Up And Speak’
Dir: Daniel Pappas and Nick Walker

The duo fka DJ Dodger Stadium find hope in dystopia as a cast of kids (in gas masks and wetsuits) lip sync this uplifting house anthem and hit the ocean on boogie boards, giving many meanings to the “these days are coming an end” lyric.

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TT The Artist
‘Gimme Yo Love’
Dir: TT The Artist

TT the Artist and friends have a dress-up dance party in a neon Trapper Keeper dreamscape, having a bit of fun with the lengths she’ll go for that special someone’s affection. Don’t miss the trippy breakdown of this Baltimore club jock jam.

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‘Dem Wah Fi Know’
Dir: Focus Creeps

With his crew in tow, Popcaan explores his Jamaican hometown as duppy spirits and demon dogs haunt the streets. A touching song with a video that feels, at times, like a documentary.

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Kill the Noise feat. AWOLNATION & R. City
‘Kill It 4 The Kids’
Dir: Chris Ullens

Kill the Noise teaches children about the evils of capitalism with stop-motion animation, setting his OWSLA bombast to something that looks like the offspring of Banksy and Wallace and Gromit.

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