J.G. Wilkes lays down his first solo release.

Known for his role in Glaswegian dance duo Optimo and also as one half of production partnership Naum Gabo (Speicher/Kompakt Extra), Wilkes has been building his catalogue since the turn of the century. His forthcoming Jaxon EP, though, is the first widely available release under his own name, with four cuts contrasting gritty funk with ambient melancholy.

Taken from a limited edition mini album box set German Pizza Party, forthcoming on The Vinyl Factory, lead track ‘Jaxon’ is a grubby dancefloor cut rich in foreboding frequencies – stream it below.

The rest of the EP offers a remix of ‘Jaxon’ by Cologne’s Barnt and two further productions from Wilkes: the dreamy and occasionally ruthless ‘Bathing Beauty’, and ‘Useful Tool’, which comes as a turbulent Italo rework by Naum Gabo.

Pre-order the 12″ from VF Editions ahead of its release this Friday.



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