Material meets mythos on this strange artefact from the LA underground.

Brooklyn label RVNG Intl. has really earned a reputation for digging up essential reissues in recent years, putting out all manner of avant-garde obscurities and cult experimental records we never knew we needed, from Kerry Leimer’s “artificial band” Savant to 70s psych-folk artist Bobby Brown.

The next vintage record to be given a second life on the label is a curious relic from Los Angeles’ 1980s art scene, an exercise in DIY myth-making by multi-disciplinary artists Anna Homler and Steve Moshier. Breadwoman & Other Tales is the collected recordings of their unique collaboration, which pairs performance artist Homler’s far-out vocalese with music composed, mixed and engineered by Moshier.

The character of Breadwoman had been conceived by Homler in 1982 while “driving an ocean blue classic Cadillac to meet renowned poet and playwright Deena Metzger in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles,” the label explains. “Passing a non-descript desert patch where tall wheat and mustard flowers grow, Anna opens her mouth and sings in a salient stream of rhythmic, melodic sound.”

Homler then transformed her glossolalia into “quasi-theatrical, fully mythic, ritualistic performances” backed by Moshier’s arsenal of analogue equipment. The only way to make sense of it is to listen for yourself, to be honest – stream ‘Ee Chê’ below.

Breadwoman & Other Tales is out on February 4 on LP, CD, and digital with extensive liner notes and artist interviews.


1 Ee Chê
2 Oo Nu Dah
3 Gu She’ Na’ Di
4 Giyah
5 Yesh’ Te
6 Sirens
7 Celestial Ash



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