It follows the cancellation of this year’s event due to “event management concerns”.

Bristol’s St. Pauls Carnival faces an uncertain future, with the regular team losing funding for next year’s event.

The carnival has long been one of the city’s biggest events, attracting up to 100,000 people, but Bristol City Council has announced the withdrawal of financial support from St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival (SPACC) because it no longer has confidence in the organisers.

As BBC News reports, a statement from the council said its funding criteria included a carnival but the organisers had failed to deliver one in 2015 and had no “clear plans” for 2016.

Both the Arts Council England and Bristol City Council have said they are maintaining a financial commitment to a celebration of Africa and Caribbean culture, heritage and community in the area, though it’s unclear what form that will take or who will be involved in the organisation of the event. Bristol mayor George Ferguson has reportedly asked for a meeting with the community to discuss the event’s future in the run up to its 50th anniversary in 2018.

SPACC’s Cleo Lake however said that she “cannot understand” the decision to shut out her team, adding: “Bristol City Council and Arts Council England seek to gain community support without us – when we are the community.”

This year’s carnival was postponed until September and then cancelled due to “event management concerns.” Lake said at the time: “Funding is not the issue here. It is the management element of organising a massive, unticketed event on the street. We have tried to work with the right people but unfortunately it hasn’t worked for us this year.”



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