Now you have some headphones to match your glowing TR-808.

Roland has been gradually expanding its AIRA range with Eurorack modules and other products since it launched in 2014, and now there are some AIRA-branded headphones to add to your collection of luminescent green gear.

The “audiophile quality” M-100 headphones have been designed and built by V-MODA in collaboration with Roland and come described as “the ultimate personal monitoring system for AIRA musicians,” featuring an impressive 5–30,000 Hz frequency range.

They come with a pretty robust looking case, a two-metre cable with locking mechanism, an extended audio cable with 3.5 mm jack that allows for two headphones to connect to the same source and memory foam ear cushions for added comfort and noise isolation.

The headphones don’t glow in a pseudo-radioactive fashion like the rest of the AIRA line, but fans of the brand’s singular shade of green that they feature “dual green chevrons” – presumably to help you produce faster.

There’s no indication as to when the headphones will be released or how much they’ll cost, but expect the price to be on the more affordable end of the luxury scale.


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