Buy it now for just €36,400.

If you’re a fan of Roland gear, this eBay auction listing contains a veritable laundry list of the company’s synths and drum machines as well as mixers and effects pedals from its Boss brand and other subsidiaries – over 1000 individual items to be exact.

The listing contains a number of classic items including the TR-909 drum machine, the Juno-60 synthesizer and RE-201 Space Echo as well as many more obscure instruments. The seller warns that much of it may not be in working order, but points out you can probably turn a profit stripping them for parts.

Bidding starts at €26,000, but if you’re feeling flush you can buy it now for €36,400. As you’d expect from a haul that fills 90 boxes, you’ll have to pick it up yourself from Berlin.

Unfortunately for completists the collection doesn’t have everything – the iconic TR-808 drum machine is absent from the listing. Check out the whole list here, and look at pictures of the collection below. [h/t @DerZensor]






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