The SYR-E84 also features a built-in power supply.

Roland has expanded its range of modular gear with the SYR-E84 Eurorack Case, designed to complement its AIRA and System-500 modules as well as provide a home for gear from third-party manufacturers.

The 84HP case is constructed with aluminium and wood, and features a built-in “super-clean” 2000 mA power supply. The case features a slant on the bottom corner for angled positioning and is designed to be stackable for when your collection inevitably expands. There’s also a lid with carry handle for portability.

Despite a case being one of the most essential parts of a Eurorack setup, there aren’t that many ready-made options on the market, especially with a power supply built in. At £289 Roland’s effort isn’t the cheapest option, but it does look sturdy.

Roland has also offered full specification for the System-500 modules it previewed earlier in the year. The five modules include the 512 with dual VCO, the 521 with dual VCF, 530 with dual VCA, the 540 with dual envelope generator and LFO and 572 with phase shifter, delay and LFO. Availability and pricing for those have yet to be confirmed.


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