The follow-up to 2013’s Life Cycle of a Massive Star arrives in January.

Roly Porter, formerly of Vex’d and more recently found making epic sci-fi-inspired concept albums on Subtext, has announced a new full-length.

The UK artist joining Tri Angle for Third Law, which is out on January 22 and is led by a single, ‘4101’, which you can stream below.

Press materials describe the album as “a coming to terms with his goal of leaving dance music as it is, free to explore ideas of rhythm, bass, sound design within his own world without having to shape any of these elements to fit preconceived ideas or rules.”

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01. 4101
02. In System
03. Mass
04. Blind Blackening
05. High Places
06. In Flight
07. Departure Stage
08. Known Space



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