One drum stick, one sampler, no overdubs.

Deantoni Parks was a drumming prodigy as a child and has gone on to play with heroes as varied as John Cale, Flying Lotus, Sade and Run The Jewels, as well as a longterm gig with The Mars Volta, which was no walk in the park, we’d guess.

The Georgia native’s debut album is far from the prog-hop odyssey you might expect, however, with Parks working solo and with just a single drum stick and a sampler to create a raw, staggeringly nimble album with no overdubs or loops.

“The sound result of Technoself is a digestion of sounds being refined, filtered, and re-arranged in the time period of the average thought,” explains Parks, while the label points out that “the only constant is Deantoni’s unmistakable sense of movement. In this case, the most important piece of technology turns out to be the human body.”

Check out the first single, the stuttering, weirdly footwork-esque ‘Our Shadows’ and look for Technoself on Leaving Records on December 4, with a physical release in January. [via Exclaim]



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