Frozen electronics from Further Records.

Fans of austere and superbly crafted techno may be familiar with Nuel through his 00s Aquaplano Sessions with fellow Italian artist Donato Dozzy, which were deservedly reissued a couple of years ago on Spectrum Spools.

Nuel released his first solo album in 2011 on Further Records, and now he returns to the label for its 100th release, Hyperboreal. The album was made with “the minimum of fuss” on an Ekdahl Polygamist synth and a few pedals, according to the label, and is perfect “for colder climates, for stark and inhospitable landscapes,” a sentiment we’d agree with – stream ‘Steppin Stone’ and the title track below.

The Ekdahl, now discontinued, is a pretty unusual piece of gear – it looks like an 80s children’s puzzle for a start.

“I fell in love with it from the first sight,” Fogliata says of the gear. “Aesthetics are very important to me, if I don’t like the way a synth looks like I can’t get anything from it. Just like when meeting a nice person but there’s no physical attraction, it can be a good friendship, nice conversations, but ‘love’ is missing, and making music is making love so this aspect has a huge influence on creativity. Being surrounded by beauty makes me feel better and reinforces the positive feedback.” [via RA]

Hyperboreal is out on January 29.



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